Monday, 25 April 2011

Investing in your staff will improve productivity and save you money

According to research carried out by Cransfield School of Management, investing in training not only saves money but is more effective than shopping around for new talent. A report titled 'nurturing talent' is the first to compare the impact of recruiting externally with that of developing employees. Three quarters of the 1,189 companies involved in the study felt that training their own staff was mroe beneficial than recruiting people from outside.

Half the companies discovered that training staff made them more likely to stay. One-third found it increased staff motivation, and actually half saved money in the process. It makes sense that money spent on headhunters, recruitment firms and time-consuming selection processes could often be spent on existing staff.

This also helps with staff retention as staff are more likely to stay if they are being developed. They are more commited and are more likely to go the extra mile if they feel the company is helping them expand their skills. PIPER IT provides e-learning solutions for businesses, enabling staff to learn new skills around their current commitments and increase productivity in the work place.

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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Congratulations to Shakil Chapra!

A congratulations is in order to student: Shakil Chapra for his outstanding achievement in becoming fully CompTIA A+ certified in just 4 1/2 months from start to finish. Shakil came to PIPER IT with very little knowledge about computers, but it was immediately clear to see he was very keen to pursue a career in IT as he portrayed a lot passion about technology.

PIPER IT supported Shakil at every juncture of his learning ensuring he understood the core concepts and developed practical skills in PC building, troubleshooting and maintenance. Shakil did all the hard work and he was rewarded for his efforts. Our career advisors devised a study plan for him which he followed closely, advice and guidance was also given with regards to career prospects. Shakil is now pursuing his Cisco CCNA with PIPER IT.

We can help you achieve this too! IT is one of the largest and highest paid industries in the world. Why not start a career in IT? Enquire now! Prepare for your future - education matters.

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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Ethical IT Training

Over the last decade, the IT training industry has enjoyed great success in grooming students to be the IT professionals of tomorrow; delivering quality IT training and career development services. In recent times, there has been a dark cloud looming over the industry with regards to the demise of standards and ethics of some IT training providers thus damaging the repute of the industry as a whole.

It seems the focus has shifted from actually delivering a professional and worthy service, to simply making money at any cost. There appears to be a lack of regard for the future ambitions and career objectives of candidates who have placed great trust in some IT training providers by investing extortionate amounts of their hard earned cash and often getting very little back. IT training providers have a duty of care to their students and should always endevour to guide them correctly as opposed to deliberately mis-guiding them.

Here are some claims and practises used in the industry that are designed to excite, entice and deliberately mislead prospective candidates

  • 'Work in IT within weeks' - Weeks? How many weeks? This ambiguous statement is deliberately designed to mislead people into thinking 'it'll be a lot sooner rather than later'. Otherwise the terms months or years would have been used. Any IT professional would emphatically explain how long it took them to establish their IT careers through their focus, dedication and hardwork; which most likely would have taken them months and even years. I am sure they will not be speaking in terms of weeks.

  • Crash Course Intensive Programs - 1-2 week crash course intentive programs - These work well for soft skill courses i.e. Project Management, theories and methodologies that can be applied in the real world. This is different in comparison to learning technical IT training courses. It is impossible to cover the entire curriculum of an techincal IT course within such a short space of time. E.g. The A+ certification recommends on average 160 hours of learning and 500 hours worth of experience in the field - If you are brand new to IT and would like to get certified in 2 weeks, then regrettably you are only setting yourself up for failure. Some IT training organisations prefer this format as it presents them with an opportunity to extracts £1000's from a candidate, and wash their hands of them and the responsibility within a few short weeks.

  • 'Earn upto 37k in your first year' - While there is every possibility of earning 37k in your first year, the chances of a newly qualified IT professional earning 37k in their first year is highly unlikely. Many IT training providers like to make these sensational claims in a feeble attempt to attract vulnerable people, in low paid jobs - who hope to improve the quality of their lives. Realistically you can expect to make 18-25k in your first year and experience counts towards this. You can expect to earn 37k after having at least 2-3 years experience in the industry. The statement 'Earn upto 37k in your first year' would be regarded as false advertising if the word 'upto' was ejected. It is carefully worded to to stay within legal parameters, again, it is used to project an unrealistic expectation to a potential candidtate.

  • Being sold courses that are unsuitable for you - This is one practise that is prevalent with most IT training providers. Are you speaking to a hardened salesman who is only interested in your custom and not your future aspirations? Like most salesman, they will only tell you what you want to hear - they will close the sale and get paid sums of commision, one might argue that in this regard they are only doing their jobs, but is this right? Our stance is NO! This is wholly unethical and a deception to the prospect. All across the IT training industry, candidates with little or no IT experience are relentlessly being sold advanced networking and programming courses. This is good for business but its not good for the candidate who has parted with 5-6k in the hope of securing an IT career. This is an unethical practice. There is often little interest in the candidates progression and they will soon discover they were sold an unrealistic dream based on falsehood.

  • Are you discussing your career with a salesman or someone who knows IT and the industry? - Why would a candidate put their trust in someone who does not know what they talking about? let alone consult with them about ones career ambitions. Are the salesman themselves even familiar with the course content and exam structure? You might discover not a lot of salesman are. These questions need to be addressed. It is a case of the blind guiding the blind.

  • Guaranteed Success - It is unthinkable for some IT training providers to guarantee candidates success least of all a job. Success in what exactly? and how is it measured? Candidates can guarantee themselves success by working hard, being dedicated and commited to their learning. Many IT training providers guarantee success to candidates in a ploy to win their confidence.

PIPER IT has an objective to clean up the industry through the continuous improvement of our people and processes, We adopt good ethical practices in our operation and reject practices that are unjust. We offer a professional service with an exceptional level of support to our delegates and we ensure their progress is timely and consistent. We do not make false promises but we do promise to help you advance your career in IT.

The Revolution Starts Here

Thursday, 17 December 2009

PIPER IT - Your IT career starts here!

IT Training Courses: Take Your Career to a New Level!

Information Technology is used widely in all the varied sectors and Piper IT offers you the latest certification plans and advanced IT courses that helps you to remain updated with the latest software technologies.

If you are keenly interested in becoming a recognised professional in the IT world then a professional IT certification can take your career to new heights. PIPER IT is located in the UK and is a leading IT training provider offering high quality IT training and career development services. All of their certification content covers the most up to date certification plans and curriculums. Since Information technology is the hub of developing business processes and providing business solutions, there has never been a better time to learn and develop skills in IT.

There are several organisations offering various courses, but PIPER IT are reknowned for the ethics they incorporate into their business and the quality of service they deliver. They are dedicated to guide students and industry professionals to competently compete and meet the international standards of quality, productivity and employee efficiency. helps you to augment your skills and helps you learn new technologies that can enhance your career prospects with job - oriented training programs. PIPER IT has a strong student base and are proud to declare that we have met the continuous demand for skilled IT professionals in the industry. Their IT training programs includes various certification plans and advanced courses that can be tailored to an individuals career objectives. PIPER IT's primary focus lies in providing exceptional support and advice to their clients and they ensure a successful placement based on the course. offer comprehensive IT training courses that use blended learning techniques such as hands-on practical experience and virtual learning solutions, enabling you to learn effectively and efficiently. Individuals and other motivated professionals who are willing to make a mark in their IT careers will find various IT courses at competitive prices to prepare them for a successful profession. PIPER IT measures their success by the success of their students. You can take your career to the top; should you choose to develop your career with PIPER IT.

About the Company: PIPER IT is a leading IT training provider, helping individuals to establish successful careers in the IT sector. The company provides professional IT training courses through ethical practices and ensures your progression is timely and continuous. Their unrivalled dedication and commitment to their clients has helped them gain a name of good repute globally.

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